Show 16: Floyd Landis and Joe Papp

Joe Papp “Alternately vilified and praised by the global cycling community, Mr. Papp’s patent forthrightness was disarming not only for its explosive content, but also because it stuck a red-hot poker right in the eye of Omerta.”

Floyd Landis aka Chade O Grey joined us for longer than we expected with updates on life behind the car wash and a  little trouble with the French.

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This is FUNNY when the feed got lost and you BOTH are nodding and we the listeners can’t hear anything! LMFAO

@ClintKronenbergerSr The chat squirrels got a bit loaded and they used the video footage to line their nests, but we’re getting it untangled. Neil on the other hand…

@TourChats Thanks Guys! I keep an eye out in the iTunes store for it! I watch it on my iPad so without flash I am doomed to the iTunes version! youdaman!