Show 21: Allen Lim, Chef Biju and Ryan Trebon

Allen Lim, Sports Physiologist, and
Biju Thomas, Chef/cyclist/writer and food guy to, and joining us to talk about their new book, “The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes.”

Ryan Trebon, LTS/Felt
“…my coach and my physical therapist and they were like ‘we only want you to ride like an hour and a half or two hours a day’ and I was like ‘no way man, there’s no way I can only ride for two hours a day, I’d be on my couch all day. Two hours is nothing. For me I need to be riding three to four hours minimum and then I just feel good…” –

In the podcast versions of the show, we added a little pre-show bonus video of Allen and Biju right after their segment. Enjoy!

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@TourChats I’m tuning in regularly lately. Like the concept of creating a panel discussion thru Vocal – and interesting guests/topics! Thnx