TourChats Logo Sneak Peek

While we haven’t thrown our hands up in a premature victory salute, we are getting that exited feeling when you are nearing the finish line and realize how much of a gap you have on the peloton. Kickstarter is now counting down by hours instead of days as we enter our final weekend of the campaign. The support both in terms of pledges and help spreading the word has been a confirmation of what we hoped – cycling fans are enjoying spending their Sunday nights with us (or whenever they sneak in the podcast during the week).

Launching a campaign on is an all-or-nothing venture, so we’ve held off on pursuing any schwag designing and producing expenses. However, with the finish line so nearly in our grasp we couldn’t resist getting a head start on designing the logo. Our friend and fellow cyclist, Catherine James, is working with our Producer/Creative Director Pamela on the design. We thought you might enjoy getting a sneak peek and giving us some feedback.

(This post was also published as an update on our Kickstarter Project Page.)