Show 22: Meet the Press and Nicola Cranmer

TourChats “Meet the Press in spandex” with 2012 road season predictions from Velo’s Neal Rogers, Cyclingnews’ Daniel Benson, and UCI Overlord of

Nicola Cranmer, founder and manager of Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12 a road and UCI track team
“I used to love the quote ‘The sky is the limit’
I believe we will go further.” –

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@nicolacranmer always a pleasure. Still would have preferred you to be given a proper voice back during the JV “interview”

@ExergyTWENTY12 @TourChats @dnlbenson @nealrogers @UCI_Overlord – It was a good one. Great to hear how Nicola is supporting women’s cycling.

The podcast has been published on and should be showing up in iTunes soon!

@TourChats He stays low profile, maybe deliberatly. No idea what he is up to. Nice guests on the show, as always. Good to see some editors!

@TourChats Thanx for recording, missed part op e22 live! You know who flies under the sprinter radar? Unmentioned.. *anywhere* is Farrar.