About the Live Show

Cycling sportswriters Neil Browne and Dan Wuori host the TourChats for Cycling Fans live interactive web show featuring guests from pro cycling, witty banter and audience questions.

TourChats started as live race chats for cycling fans during the Tour de France. This grew into a web show twice a month on Sunday evenings. We’re using Spreecast.com so we can have co-hosts and guests. Ask questions via webcam or text. The recording of the live show is available as podcast.* Check out our How to Watch page for more info.

Starting with the Tour de France in 2010, we produced live chats for Versus.com. When Versus.com was removed (after the merger with NBC/Universal) along with its unique content for cycling fans, we started producing interactive online events independently as TourChats for Cycling Fans.

Contact us at neil@tourchats.com or pamela@tourchats.com.

* Beginning with Show 56 we are only producing an audio podcast of the live show because of Spreecast content distribution limitations. However, the Spreecast video recordings are available to watch.

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You can get more help in Getting Started at Spreecast.com - scroll down to the Participating in a Spreecast section.

TourChats is a Browne Eye Media production